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Max Payne 2

Max Payne 2: Autumn Max Payne is the secondary installer in the legendary series Max Payne and improves everything the predator had to offer. More action, more adventure, and more of nesticapy that make the favorite the original game favorite. So if you loved the first Max Payne, then jump on the table for more! Max Payne is back on Dejstjmaks Payne 2: The autumn Max Payne begins with Max back in his old role as a police detective. This time he strained with an unexpected person in his past and finally was involved in the incident that confused old threats with the new. Is it going to go up on top of a ship, or will it be the last case of Baks Payne? Well, it will depend on how well you play the game-Max Payne is back in action, Max Payne fate is in your hands! (Function () {(“View-Programs-page-desktop”);}); Playmax’s Impulse racing game Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne has a gameplay of a third person that will leave you on the edge of your place. Use stealth and skill to capture enemies, collect painkillers to restore lost health, and engage in a bullet-time function to add a whole new angle to gameplay. Without an up-shooting machine it may miss the opportunity to correct it in the heat of the action with Max Payne’s second adventure.

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