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LINE is an instant messaging client and VoIP platform that allows you to send messages and make free voice and video calls, and it’s a Windows Cliasia-Pass that can do all this on your PC.

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The main goal of the lines is to help you connect with your friends for free. Just like Skype, Facebook Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger and many others, the line allows you to send free text messages and chat with friends who also use this application; You can even start a group conversation. The line also includes VoIP features that allow you to make audio and video calls.

LINE tries to extricate itself from the competition by adding features that weigh down the younger user. In addition to traditional messaging and photo and audio sharing features, the line includes several stickers that can make the conversation a little fun. These smileys facilitate the most beautiful conversations, and there are many more you can download.

Its features also extend to the timeline, which allows you to save your life so everyone can see. Along with your post, you can add all so photos to your followers to see and respond.

A simple interface to focus on

The PC version of the line has a minimalist interface. The three tabs give you access to your contact list, current conversations and make new friends. The client is very easy to use, and to log in to the PC client, all you have to do is scan the QR code on your smartphone.

If this all sounds a bit too distasteful for you, don’t worry, because there’s always a theme in the store that offers a little edit for your computer line experience.

LINE PC is the perfect extension for the mobile version. You can start a conversation with your smartphone and resume it later on your computer.

Full extension Mobile Version

If you use a line on your phone, you’ll want a PC version because you can enjoy the same features. This allows you to access the contact information line and chat with them comfortably when you are at home and using your PC.

InstallationTo use the Bus PC version, you need to be installed on your mobile line app.

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