Jumanji: Aventur n jungl 2017 HD Full Download Torrent

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Jumanji: Aventur n jungl 2017

Four teenagers have been succumbed to by a magical video game, and the only way they can escape is by working together to finish the game.

Directed by: Jake Kasdan: Chris McKenna (screenplay by), Erik Sommers (Scriptuan by)

In a brand-new Jumanji adventure, four high school children discover the old video console and pull the game into a jungle device, literally becoming the avatars of their chosen adults. What they find is that you play only Jumanji-you have to survive it. To win the game and to return to the real world, they can go to the most dangerous adventures of their lives, discover what Alan Parry left 20 years ago, and change the way they think themselves-or they ommer get stuck in the game forever , played by others without interference.


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