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WAMPServer and environment allows you to create Web applications with PHP apache2 and MySQL database. The application is very intuitive, although it has many features. The service and the software seems free all download the program safe environment for creating Web Priloženiitewampserver will download and install on your computer automatically if you allow it. Once you have installed, you can access the application development environment. You can create a subdirectory for the WWW and add PHP files to it. The software allows you to manage your Apache and MySQL services. You can give anyone access to your environment or restrict it to a local host. You can control the cropping configuration and you can access the configuration files and access their records. You can also create aliases if you want and fix your server without having to touch the file (function () {“View-apt-page-desktop”;}); Conclusion-safe place for App Razrabotvanewios software is very small and very easy to install. After you install on your computer, you can access the development environment and start creating Web applications in a safe place. The environment was created for application developers and a forum for any questions.

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