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Perfectos desconocidos 2019

When a group of best friends come together during the lunar eclipse that share an intimate dinner in home taste si Eva and Antonio, they suspect that only a typical night again until the captain suggests the game. All guests must read their phone on the table and all incoming messages aloud and answer all incoming calls for the whole group. What starts out as a challenging party game is fast a wild ride.

Seven friends together for dinner and decided to play a game in which all for inbound messages and conversations will be displayed for the whole group, leading to a series of revelations that gradually unravel ‘ normal life ‘.

Director: Match de la Iglesia writer: Adjust de la Iglesia (situation), Jorge Guerricaechevarra (situation)

The same happens in the night months red blood, some old friends reunite friends for dinner: The group formed by plastic surgeons Alfonso and his wife, Eva, a psychologist who blaaiergebaseerde for dinner; Lawyer Antonio and his wife Ana; Taxi driver Eduardo and his wife Young and new, Blanca animals; And in the end Pepe, a former gym teacher really unemployed, surprisingly appeared without Luca, late today. Motivated by Blanca, which has some suspects about the group with the behavior of some of them, he suggests, where all Jansen their cell phones at the table so as to tell the state to all contents of all text message and voice. Started as an innocent game, progressive revelation of secrets as laid down led to a series of events that each time more dramatic: Alfonso suspected that Eve had relationships, Ana AG wrong that Antonio’s homosexuality, Blanca realized A terrible face of his marriage to Eduardo Pepe try to maintain in hidden…

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  2. Perfectos desconocidos 2019 Download Free Movie Torrent

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