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LibreOffice is a professional all-in-one performance and management office set for wrists, like other Open source productivity kits, as LibreOffice has a complete set of desktop tools to manage indisputable base Same Microsoft Office program. LibreOffice offers six different desktop tools to manage your project management needs: text document, spreadsheet, presentation, plans and Database (Function () {(“Browse-App-page-Desktop”);}); The text of the document is relatively synonymous with Microsoft Word, where the spreadsheet as an Excel file. Microsoft PowerPoint, maps and database presentations are similar to the approach. After that you have two additional programs for drawing and formulas, which in addition to the whole package. LibreOffice is compatible with Microsoft Office document formats and supports PDF files first. It also has its own document format called Open, unless you are familiar with Microsoft Office products, this program may take a little more time to get used to, especially if you want to master some additional features. Regular users will find the Microsoft Office LibreOffice interface very similar, however, should be how to use their different programs without too much alternative for Microsoft Office, LibreOffice is a must for managing a Different Projects office.

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