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Bus Driver

If you’ve ever dreamed of taking control of your own bus, check out the bus driver, which is an amazingly fun simulator where you can carry passengers in an urban setting. Your mission is to stick to a schedule while sticking to the traffic rules and make sure you don’t disturb or injure the passengers. Bus driver is supposed to be all about realism though, there is no game as such, although there are five different levels of capacity, and you get bonuses to comply with the rules of the road and respecting your schedule (Function () {(” Revu-App-Side Desktop “);}); There are five buses that circulate in a large urban environment with different neighborhoods, 30 itineraries and different weather conditions at different times of the day.
There are different types of buses that go with the bus driver, such as the school bus, tourist bus, tourist coach and even a prisoner transport bus. The entire driving environment in the bus driver is made even more realistic as it offers an AI system that “learns” a little block-like and easy vector graphics Ride and the gameplay can sometimes be quite annoying, but for anyone is a fan bus or only Sims drives , usually bus drivers are a lot of fun


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