Sling is a leader in retailing and distributing fashion handbags and accessories in China.

Sling has obtained the license of “ELLE” brand to distribute and sell products under such brand in China since 2006. During this period, the company has successfully launched such licensed brand, penetrating the China consumer market successfully through improved understanding of consumers, effective marketing techniques and sophisticated supply chain management. Sling has expanded its market share in the women’s handbags market in the PRC by acquiring the “Jessie & Jane” brand in 2014.

With a track record of building compelling and successful retail and distribution network, Sling can take the complexity out of multi-tier distribution in China and help get our licensed brand off the ground quickly and efficiently, decreasing in-house investment and time-to-market. More importantly, Sling focuses on building the brands while ensuring their highest exposure.

Headquartered in Shanghai, we have been retailing and distributing to more than forty cities in China with more than 100 locations for our retail and wholesale operations. We currently have staff in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing and Hong Kong monitoring our brands performance and managing our distribution network.